"I finished going through the course. It was really good and informative. I really enjoyed it. Your manual was very easy to follow and explained everything in complete detail. Thank you so much again! Oh, and I took that volunteer job that you posted on your wall so I could get some more practice as well as being able to add some transcription work to my resume. Thanks again for all of your help." – Sherri Kirkpatrick       Post a review.

About me and this course

When my children were young, I completed a highly-regarded, but very expensive medical transcription training course. That course, along with in-office legal transcription work experience, served me well. I went on to work at home doing general transcription.

However, after transcribing for years and training others, I decided it was time for my business to offer affordable transcription training services using the free online resources that I've collected over the years. This allows me to eliminate a lot of the cost of the more expensive training programs like the one I completed. I paid thousands of dollars for a large box full of print materials, books, and cassettes similar to what I can find on the Web.

In this Transcription Training Course, I share those online resources with you, along with what you need to know to get started in a home-based transcription career. The course includes a downloadable instruction manual that takes you step-by-step through the process of learning to transcribe, improving typing skills, using software and equipment, using online references and tools, and finding home-based transcription work or starting your own business. Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate from Northwest Typing Service. For more about the course, see What You Get and What You Need.