"I finished going through the course. It was really good and informative. I really enjoyed it. Your manual was very easy to follow and explained everything in complete detail. Thank you so much again! Oh, and I took that volunteer job that you posted on your wall so I could get some more practice as well as being able to add some transcription work to my resume. Thanks again for all of your help." – Sherri Kirkpatrick       Post a review.

About the Course

I paid thousands of dollars for an accredited transcription training program, which included boxes full of binders, reference books, and cassettes that I could have found online. I spent two years doing repetitive exercises and studying extraneous terminology and grammar.

Transcription really is a simple skill consisting of quick and accurate typing and following formatting guidelines. By taking advantage of the abundance of free online resources and my experience working as both a Legal Transcriptionist and General Transcriptionist as well as training others, I can offer you this quick, efficient, and inexpensive non-accredited Transcription Training Course at a fraction of the cost of other courses.

What You Get
An e-book course manual that leads you step-by-step through the process of learning to transcribe, using software and equipment, using online references and tools, improving typing skills, and finding home-based transcription work or starting your own business. Throughout the course, you'll have access to my "Transcription Podcast" and related audio files and sample transcripts. Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate from Northwest Typing Service. You'll also get my continuing support. Email me any time with any question.

What You Need
Word processing software (i.e., MS Word)
Express Scribe audio player software (download for free)
A foot pedal and stethoscope-style headphones
(ECS Transcription Equipment)

Frequently Asked Questions
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