"I finished going through the course. It was really good and informative. I really enjoyed it. Your manual was very easy to follow and explained everything in complete detail. Thank you so much again! Oh, and I took that volunteer job that you posted on your wall so I could get some more practice as well as being able to add some transcription work to my resume. Thanks again for all of your help." – Sherri Kirkpatrick       Post a review.


Frequently Asked Questions

What topics does the course cover?
My course covers information about transcription, using software and equipment, document formatting and grammar, improving typing speed and comfort, using online resources, and finding work or starting a business.

Do you explain in the training how an absolute beginner starts learning to transcribe dictation?
Yes, I start at the beginning with what transcription is, to increasing typing speed, to equipment and software, to finding work.

What is the cost of your transcription training program?
The course costs $99. You'll also need a headset and foot pedal, which vary in price.

What equipment and software do I need to get started?
1) Word processing software (i.e. MS Word), 2) ExpressScribe (free to download), 3) a stethoscope headset, and 4) a 3-button foot pedal. Recommendations and links are included in the course.

How long will the course take to complete?
4-6 months or longer depending on your current typing speed. During the course, you'll build up your typing speed to 70-80 wpm (words per minute) and get comfortable using transcription software and equipment.

Will the course help me find a job?
I designed the transcription course to help people develop their skills and find work. There are many transcription service companies that hire home transcriptionists. They are easy to find online.

Is the course accredited?
This course is non-accredited. In my experience, transcription services do not require a certificate from an accredited program. If you would prefer an accredited program, I recommend CareerStep.

How much does transcription work pay? 
In 2013, the median annual income for home transcriptionists was $30,944. Individual jobs typically pay by the audio minute, an average of $1.50 per audio minute. If you work for a transcription service, you'll typically earn between $12 and $17 per hour. Each 30-minute audio takes about 2 hours to transcribe.

Can I expect to find steady work?
Transcription work is typically done on a per project basis. If you sign on with a transcription service, you can expect steady work. If you start your own business, you'll rely on a network of professional contacts for supplying work.

What software does the course cover?
Express Scribe, Sony Media Player, FastFox, TextTally, TimeStamp, Youtube to Mp3.

Does the course cover legal and medical transcription?
My background is in legal, medical, and general transcription. This course covers general transcription, but includes links to legal and medical terminology and formatting resources.

Does the course provide a certificate?
Yes. When you complete the course, email me with your mailing address and I'll send your certificate of completion.

Feel free to email me with any other questions.